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    Our Cabinet Refinishing service uses breakthrough technology
    to restore your kitchen cabinets for 70% less than the
    cost of refacing or replacing.
    We do it all without sanding and without toxic strippers,
    yet can restore your woodwork with a
    hard finish that lasts for decades.
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    Our process works on traditionally stained cabinets,
    as well as pickled, glazed, and whitewashed finishes.

Want to have Gleam Guard refinish your cabinets? Just follow these steps:

Request a quote here. Because every project is different, we start with a free in-home consultation. Our technicians are trained to communicate our process in a way that is simple and practical. He or she will walk you through the process and help you every step of the way toward having our service completed in your home.
We're experts at being flexible with our customers. Our technicians will work with you to find a time that is convenient for your schedule.
You don't have to empty your cupboards! Just make sure they aren't overstuffed. All you need to do is have your countertops cleared off to prepare your kitchen for refinishing.
We take care of your kitchen - when we're done, our goal is to leave your kitchen cleaner than it was before we walked in! Our service isn't complete until your cabinets look amazing and your kitchen is clean.
After every project, we'll walk you through your finished kitchen for your final approval. We're committed to your complete satisfaction with our service! After that, we confirm final payment details with you, and our technician will show you how to properly clean your cabinets so you can enjoy them for years to come.
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  • Dustless. Sandless. No toxic fumes!
  • No unloading of cabinets
  • Most kitchens done in one day
  • An excellent protection for new cabinets as well
  • Safe around computers and other electronic systems
  • Time saving future - Never oil wood surfaces again, easy cleaning, very little maintenance for many years to come
  • Less expensive than refinishing, refacing, or even painting!
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The Gleam Guard process enhances the wood grain and makes cleaning a breeze, and maintining the durable finish of Gleam Guard is easy!

Just follow these simple instructions:

  1. DO NOT use abrasive cleansers, strong soaps, wax-based products, oil, or oil-based soaps such as Murphy’s®, Liquid Gold®, Old English®, lemon oils or citrus oils. Your wood is protected by its original finish and strengthened by ours.

  2. For cabinets, wipe off the heavily used handle areas every month or two with a damp cloth. Wipe entire surface yearly with a damp cloth. If necessary, use vinegar mixed with water (30% to 50%) to cut any stubborn grease.

  3. For paneling, baseboards, doors and door frames, wipe off yearly with same solution as cabinets. In between yearly cleaning, a light vacuuming of the ledges will remove any dust.

  4. Scratches – While no finish will prevent new scratches, if you will follow the above instructions, your woodwork will shine and remain beautiful for many years. If you need scratches touched up, and your cabinets refreshed again, call us for very reasonable touch-up rates if you are past our 5 year guarantee.

Residential Guarantee

Our finish can last for decades with proper maintenance and care.

Our Residential Guarantee covers cabinets, paneling, baseboards, doors, door frames and window frames. We promise that our finish will stay as shiny as the day it was originally applied for 5 years, with the following exceptions:

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  • Fire or water damage
  • Floors (excessive usage)
  • Damage from smoking
  • Pet scratches/nicks
  • Oiling or Waxing off the finish
  • Damage from harmful or abraisive cleaners

One free touch up service within five years of purchase is available to any customer who feels their woodwork needs one. Proof of purchase must be shown to our serviceman before the touch up service can be completed.

Commercial Guarantee

Interior woodwork treated with the Gleam Guard system is guaranteed unconditionally to stay shiny and easy to clean:

  • Public areas - 6 month guarantee
  • Paneling, molding and trim - 1 year guarantee
  • Cabinets in an office - 2 year guarantee

One free touch up service within the time period specified above with proof of sales reciept to be shown to our serviceman before work is done.

We had the woodwork in our home done several years ago and now I've had my office paneling, cabinets and shelves done.

Vincent Thomas, TESCORP

When surveyed, 93% of our residential clients saw no need for any follow-up maintenance - up to 5 years later! Those who desired maintenance, needed touch-ups mostly for nicks and scratches and very rarely for peeling, chipping or dulling of the finish.

Gleam Guard is NOT a retail product and IS a trademarked business.